I'm not a traditional freelancer.

I have a 9 to 5 job as a marketing designer at Love146 which I'm extremely passionate about. However, there is often a bit of spare time and creativity left.

If you're interested in my talents, I'd love to share them: Bring me in on your project to help with graphics, print design, branding, photography, editing, cost-effective production, invitations, idea & marketing consulting, tactile aesthetics, or polishing and finishing touches to make a design really land. I'm also available to give training in softwares or practices tailored to your growth needs.

I'm not a traditional freelancer - so we won't create tons of mockups and go through rounds of revisions and long strings of emails. I'm here as a free agent teammate. Meaning you can bring me in for a few hours to work live with you. I find that if I design while actively sitting and talking with a client, it takes far less time for both of us and they are more happy with the outcome because they've had an active hand in it.

There can be a great mystery to the process of designing simple things. I prefer to remove the barriers and invite you into that. I recently designed a book cover for Harper Collins in less than 3 hours. The process required no guesswork or fancy presentations because I was able to sit and work live with the client. We had a goal of being done in one sitting, and we achieved it. 

We can schedule some hours of creative time, and we'll set a goal for what we'll achieve during that time. The more decisive you are, the more we can make happen.

I've seen this freelance design price list comically shared online. It accurately presents the opposite of how I work. I'm not here to tell you what you want. I believe you know what you want (or will when you see it) – I'm here to help you discover it and make it a reality, supplementing the process with years of experience in what works well.

If you'd like to discuss whether I'm a good fit for your team and project needs, and inquire about my rates & schedule availability, just shoot me an email. 

Think we should co-work?

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I thoroughly enjoyed working with Marilyn on our rebranding project. We live on opposite coasts, so we did the bulk of the work in several videochat sessions where we swapped ideas and refined our designs. Marilyn is not only a talented artist - she also listens. Our final design incorporated many of my ideas despite my inexperience with design. I have continued to use Marilyn’s design advice and the skills she taught me on every project since. All of our visual communications have been vastly improved - an impressive result for the relatively brief time Marilyn and I spent working together.
— Sarah M.
I’ve worked with several designers over the past ten years for both professional and personal projects. Marilyn is a designer I go back to again and again, she has the unique ability to be both an artist and a co-creator that listens to your needs and desires and is able to translate them in to something greater than you initially thought of. Her broad knowledge of everything from fonts to paper to design techniques etc. is extremely valuable in the design process. Marilyn takes a personal interest in both the end result and the process of design which makes the entire experience a joy.
— Desirea R.
I loved working with Marilyn on the ‘save the date’ cards and invites for my wedding. Marilyn has a unique way of working with you from the very beginning and she helps you feel an intimate part of the creation. Watching her turn your basic ideas into something concrete and beautiful with her graphic design skills is amazing and a joy. She also has a fantastic bank of knowledge of printing styles, envelope suggestions and even stamp making! Marilyn turned something that felt overwhelming into something special and personal, James and I were blown away.
— Jo M.
I had the pleasure of working with Marilyn to design a poster and she also took photos for my wedding! Working with Marilyn is a unique creative experience. Rather than outsourcing your design need, you get the opportunity to work with her to create something that distinctly fits your goals and your personality. I highly recommend working with Marilyn, especially if you have no idea what you are looking for!
— Gideon E.